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About Us

Our Company

About Us

We are here to provide you with management of your online venture, web mastering and development as well as maintenance and redesign.

We can host your site or develop a site all on our servers so you don't have to go to 3rd parties to build a site.
SEO and advertising are also included on our services. We offer consulting to all businesses wanting to start an online venture or are already online.

Our Mission

The right team for the right project

The hosting of a website entails many areas, which depend on whether your project will be successful or not. We at eStratagem are true to our name and we have taken our name seriously. By strategizing on your project we not only will help you with the hosting but with the necessary tools that will catapult you to success.

We know that there are millions of websites out there just like hosting providers. We may not be able to go against all of them but if we cater to those few, we can succeed together. Our long term success depends on you that is why it is vital to have a team to help you solve those road blocks together.


Since our inception (1996) we have been bringing value to the market place with services like Web Hosting, Database, Development, Marketing Plans, Online Marketing, eCommerce, PCI Compliance Audits and much more which has proven to be a must for in today’s technology driven market.


    Every client brings us the opportunity to excel in the learning process of business cycles. Like every project requires different tools and knowledge, we also require constant development of our tools and refining of our knowledge to help you in achieve a common goal: Success.


      Our dedication to excellence has been always priority. Without you we cannot function. We are always ready to learn and we seek your input that can help us achieve this goal.

      • Open communication at every stage.
      • Team building strategies.
      • Always meet at the middle.

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